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My photography journey began in 2009 when my daughter was born. I did not want to miss one moment of her growing up. I wanted to capture and cherish every opportunity I could so I could live in that moment forever. I soon realized I had a secret love affair with photography and it’s now my passion. A photo is a moment we will never get back, but can relive forever.
Session Information & Tips:

What is an "in-home session"? 
• An in home session is where different areas of your home/property are used as a natural backdrop for your images.
• Natural light is used as available, when applicable.
• Props are provided but often I find objects in your home to use and ads a personalized touch.
• In home sessions are used best for newborns, maternity and for children under 8 years old as this is where they are most at ease. This will allow for a more natural and expressive images.

Outdoor Session?  
• We prearrange to meet at an outdoor location of your choice, or there are many beautiful locations I can suggest but try to think of a special, happy or beautiful place you have visited.

What to wear for our session? 
• Shirts that have logos should be avoided.
• Designer kids clothing or good Wal-Mart look a likes work best for kids’ sessions.
• If you’ll be outdoors in spring/summer bright primary colours work great and pastels also compliment natures backdrops. 
• Fall sessions - clothing with earthy tones like cream, brown, or green
• Add some flare by wearing hats, scarves and accessories.
• Important tip: don’t forget about well-groomed hands and nails as they will be in the pictures. Policy

When do I get to see my final images?
• 48 hours after your session date, you will receive a gallery invite to view and choose your favorite images. 
• Once your image choices and/or print/product order is received you will be sent a link and info on how to download your image folder to your desktop. 
• Capa Photography will not be responsible for ratio issues, quality issues or other issues that may result when using a non Capa Photography approved photo lab.  
• Capa Photography provides fabulously priced prints with minimal mark-ups.

Policies on weather & session cancellations/rescheduling:

• Weather related issues that require rescheduling your booking day/time are done so prior to session day/time, upon approval and without penalty/fees.
• Sickness, Injury or similar issues where you need to reschedule require a minimum of 24 hours notice via PHONE or EMAIL, if the notice given is less than the required 24 hours, 40% of the session fee will be forfeited.
• Rescheduling of your session will be granted TWO times without penalty when given the proper notice
• Attempting to reschedule or failing to attend the THIRD booking for ANY reason or failing to appear for a session will be cancelled and 100% of your paid session cost will be forfeited, no exceptions.
• A $50 rescheduling fee applies in cases where I have attended the session but a reschedule is needed - for example sometimes newborns just can't settle enough for images to be created due to colic etc., OR you need to leave midsession for whatever reason. • Due to the custom nature of Capa Photography services, there are no refunds, however if you have a concern please contact me so we can come to a resolution we are both pleased with!
• If you would like a sneak peak at your images, you can get a same day sample of your images here:
Thank you for your business and allowing Capa Photography to be part of an incredibly valued life "moment" with us! We thank you.
Sincerely Yours,
Fernando and Antonietta Paiz

• Prices are non negotiable and may change without notice.
• No other cameras/phones/recording equipment allowed during the session unless given prior permission by the photographer.
• Capa Photography, retains ownership on all images, negatives and concepts, images and product are copyright registered.

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